Tue. May 30th, 2023

The United States scored a 1-0 victory over Canada as US pitcher Monica Abbott dominated the Canadian batters from the start on the second day of softball at the Tokyo Games.

For seven innings, Canadian batters chased pitches off the plate and failed to make contact on 116 kilometre per hour tosses from one of the game’s fastest throwers and a five-time Japanese league most valuable player.

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Abbott returned to the same spot on the bench with toothful grin after her first six dazzling frames. She towelled sweat off her arms, placed a cold pack on the back of her neck and sipped fluids from her pink water bottle. The routine paid off.

U.S. center fielder Haylie McCleney reached on a bloop single and scored the lone run. McCleney also threw out pinch runner Joey Lye to prevent her from scoring on a Sara Groenewegen double to right center.

Japan beats Mexico in extra-innings win

Hosts Japan walked off in an extra-innings victory against Mexico on the second day of softball at the Tokyo Games, joining the United States at 2-0 in the standings.

Mexico twice tied the game, including in the seventh inning when Japan’s ace Yukiko Ueno was three outs away from a complete game and second-straight winning start before a dropped ball by her center fielder let in a run.

Japan reliever Miu Goto managed to escape loaded bases without surrendering a run in the top of the eighth, setting team mate Mana Atsumi to then drive in Eri Yamada for the 3-2 win in the bottom half.

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